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Suru++ 25 — A cyberpunk, elegant, futuristic and Papirus-like third-party icons theme
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A third-party Suru icons for more than 20 distributions

Successor of @Bonandry’s Suru++ Ubuntu

A cyberpunkish, elegant, futuristic, macOS-like, papirusified and modern Suru icons based on Suru Icons by Sam Hewitt

apps actions devices mimetypes panel places


What’s new?

Version 20.0.0


Following Sam Hewitt’s rules of grids, and making less conservative and traditional @Bonandry’s Suru++ Ubuntu, more than 15k icons have been redesigned, papirusified and improved with new cyberpunk colours and made been compatible with KDE, XFCE and other many environments! Check the new icons:


Folder redesign and 12 folder colours

The new versions has won new colours of folders, based by Alexey Varfolomeev’s Papirus:


Mimetype icons redesign

Almost all mimetype icons have been redesigned with new colours and are based on Numix mimetype icons:


Firefox alternatives

You can choose one of three alternatives of Firefox:

Traditional Suru++ 20 Mozilla Unofficial
firefox-traditional.svg firefox.svg firefox-mozilla.svg

To change the alternative icon, click to see Changing the alternative icon.

New flags icons

New countries flags (in development)!

Version 25.0.0

Folders with colour of Linux Mint

Suru++ won the new folders with colour of Linux Mint:


Distinction of file managers

The file managers are no longer same, now are different and modern:


To change the default icon of each file manager (Caja, Nautilus, Nemo, etc.), see File manager icon.

Steam games

Hundreds Steam games icons are supported officially:


Version 25.1.0


Suru++ is officially compatible with with @actionless's Oomox. You can change any colour of all 16px icons and of all folders once in a while!

Alternative icons

Redesigned by @darcn181. You can choose one of your alternates. To change the alternate, please see Alternative icons.

Icon name Default Alt 1 Alt 2 Alt 3 Alt 4
settings default alt 1 alt 2 - -
sublime-text default alt 1 - - -
system-lock-screen default alt 1 alt 2 - -
system-log-out default alt 1 alt 2 - -
system-reboot default alt 1 alt 2 - -
system-shutdown default alt 1 alt 2 - -
system-suspend default alt 1 alt 2 - -
system-suspend-hibernate default alt 1 alt 2 - -
user default alt 1 alt 2 alt 3 alt 4

Version 25.2.0

Gradient support for small icons

I added gradient support for all 16px icons of folders apps, categories, devices, mimetypes and places and made it compatible with Oomox and you can change two gradient colours with any colours you want! I have inaugurated Suru++ Colourise with the help and contribution of @actionless and @SmartFinn, allowing you to choose and change one of 9 interesting and cyberpunk gradient colours!

gradient colours

New three folders colours – Indigo, pink and Manjaro-coloured

Suru++ won more new three colours for folders:


Installing with CLI

Use the scripts to install the latest version directly from this repository (independently of your distribution):

NOTE: Use the same command to update the icon theme.

ROOT directory (recommended)

wget -qO- | sh

HOME directory for GTK

wget -qO- | env DESTDIR="$HOME/.icons" sh

HOME directory for KDE

wget -qO- | env DESTDIR="$HOME/.local/share/icons" sh

*BSD systems

wget -qO- | env DESTDIR="/usr/local/share/icons" sh


wget -qO- | env uninstall=true sh

Changing the folder colour

Please visit directly the tutorial: Suru++ Folders. The tutorial is translated in 7 languages.

Changing the alternative icon


  1. Go to /usr/share/applications/;
  2. Go to the desktop file Firefox;
  3. Open the file with your favourite text editor;
  4. Find Icon=... and modify it with one of three alternatives: Icon=firefox or Icon=firefox-mozilla or Icon=firefox-traditional. Save it.

Alternative icons

  1. Run cd "go_to_/Suru++/64/";
  2. Download the script, make it executable and trusted and copy the path of this script to the terminal;
  3. For example:
cd ~/.local/share/icons/Suru++/64
$ ~/.local/share/icons/Suru++/64
=> Old symlink
=> New symlink

If you do not like one alternate and want to try another, run like:

=> Old symlink
=> New symlink

File manager icon

  1. Go to the folder /usr/share/applications, for example, if you want to change the default icon of Nautilus, your favourite file manager, find nautilus.desktop
  2. Run as sudo and change Icon=... to any of these:
  • Icon=file-manager
  • Icon=caja
  • Icon=nautilus
  • Icon=nemo
  • Icon=sapcefm-find
  • Icon=thunar

Remember that if you make an upgrade of your system, these desktop files will revert to the original icon name. Move them to ~./local/share/applications. Note that after the upgrade of your system, it will add the desktop files in the /usr/share/applications, so you need to remove them.

Known bugs

Snap-built apps

Unfortunately the snap-built apps are not supported almost by any icons themes, because the icons are hardcoded and the desktop files are not hosted in the folder ~/.local/share/applications or /usr/share/applications.

To solve it, please follow the instructions:

  1. Do:
# Copy all desktop files of all snap-built apps to "~/.local/share/applications"
sudo cp /var/lib/snapd/desktop/applications/*.desktop ~/.local/share/applications
# To de-sudo the files
sudo chmod -R 777 ~/.local/share/applications
# To remove the duplicates
sudo rm /var/lib/snapd/desktop/applications/*.desktop
  1. Go to the directory ~/.local/share/applications;
  2. Open each desktop file of snap app with your favourite text editor and modify the encoded path of Icon to the simple path with no extension. For example, if you use Insomnia:
  1. Run update-desktop-database in the terminal.

AppImage-built apps

With AppImageLauncher installed, you click an AppImage, it is automatically integrated to ~/Applications, and desktop files are automatically created into ~/local/share/applications. But if you modify one of the AppImage-built app desktop file to correct the icon path, AppImageLauncher reverts automatically the desktop file to the original and keeps again the icon path hardcoded. It also removes the option StartupWMClass. We recommend you to ban AppImageLauncher.

  1. Remove appimagelauncher via terminal;
  2. Create ~/Applications/AppImages/, move all AppImages to this folder. Make all AppImages executable and trusted:
chmod a+x *.AppImage
  1. Reboot;
  2. Create the desktop files manually in the directory ~/.local/share/applications. Do not forget of adding the option StartupWNClass or the icon will be unrecognised or ugly. The desktop file, for example, ColourPicker.desktop, should be like:
[Desktop Entry]
Categories = Graphics;
Comment = A mininal but complete color picker
Comment[en_GB] = A mininal but complete colour picker
Exec = $HOME/Applications/AppImages/ColorPicker.AppImages
GenericName = Color Picker
GenericName[en_GB] = Colour Picker
Icon = colorpicker
Name = Color Picker
Name[en_GB] = Colour Picker
StartupNotify = true
StartupWMClass = ColorPicker
Terminal = false
Type = Application
Version = 1.0

And run update-desktop-database.


  • To know which StartupWNClass name, it is the original same AppImage, for example, see in bold: ColorPicker.AppImage. If it does not work, you need to extract the AppImage to figure the bin shell name.
  • If you are foreigner and want comment and name in your native language, you can add, for example, Comment[en_GB], GenericName[en_GB] and Name[en_GB]. If to Spanish, it would be[es], and to Spanish from Mexico, [es_MX].
  • The AppImage names should remain original, but if you want to rename, you are free, but for the StartupWNClass name, you need to put the original name of that AppImage.

Hardcoded application icons with ugly name

We have already icons, but it is wrong or ugly name, or because the icon is hardcoded. For example, the application GitHub Desktop used Icon=desktop.png and other apps, like Insomnia, use Icon=icon.png, or worse, Icon=stupid/path/icon.png.

To deal with hardcoded application icons we recommend to install hardcode-fixer. Suru++ supports most of the applications in the list. If hardcode-fixer doesn't support your favourite app yet, please open an issue here or edit your .desktop file manually.

Unattractive icons of Bluetooth Manager, Gigolo, Network Wifi, etc.

Because the desktop files use the 16px icons of actions, mimetypes, panel and places and not the icons of apps and categories. Therefore, you need to change manually the icon names in the desktop files to catch the icons of apps. You can pick of categoric and generic icons:

  • accessibility
  • addressbook
  • agenda
  • application
  • applications-engineering
  • applications-interfacedesign
  • archiver
  • audio
  • bluetooth
  • book
  • bookworm
  • broom
  • browser
  • bug
  • caffeine
  • calculator
  • calendar
  • camera
  • cdrom
  • charmap
  • chat
  • chess
  • cipher
  • clipboard
  • clock
  • coin
  • color-picker
  • colour
  • computer
  • database
  • debian
  • desktop
  • dictionary
  • document
  • download
  • ebook
  • effects
  • emacs
  • file-manager
  • film
  • flash
  • font
  • gameboy
  • git
  • hammer
  • harddisk
  • help
  • icons
  • image-viewer
  • image
  • java
  • keyboard
  • kronometer
  • language
  • leaf
  • library
  • login
  • mail
  • maps
  • mate
  • menu
  • microphone
  • monitor
  • mouse
  • music
  • network
  • night
  • notepad
  • notification
  • package
  • paint
  • panel
  • partitions
  • password
  • phone
  • plasma
  • plugin
  • power
  • ppa
  • printer
  • programming
  • qt
  • radio
  • ruby
  • scissors
  • screenshot
  • search
  • settings
  • share
  • shield
  • shop
  • star
  • steam
  • sublime-text
  • subtitleeditor
  • tablet
  • tag
  • television
  • terminal
  • tool
  • update
  • upload
  • usb
  • user
  • video-alt
  • video-card
  • voice
  • wallpaper
  • weather
  • webcam
  • wifi
  • workspace

Hardcoded tray icons

To fix hardcoded tray icons, install and use Hardcode-Tray script. A list of supported applications is available here.

To get Suru++ to work right with Hardcode-Tray script, use the hardcode-tray option --conversion-tool RSVGConvert:

sudo -E hardcode-tray --conversion-tool RSVGConvert --size 22 --theme Suru++

Unrecognised and ugly icons

Okular icon and other icons

Not just Suru++, it also affects Numix icons theme. It is a missed StartupWMClass option in the desktop files in KDE and an icon cache bug in GNOME and KDE.

  1. Install and use StartupWMClassFixer;
  2. Install and use Stacer to clean caches;
  3. Log out and log in.


  • Do you find the missed icons?
  • Do you find the misused and ugly icons?
  • Did you find the errors?

Report, but please provide well-detailed information. Or I will have difficulty to understand what you are saying or to know which app you are referring.


  • Would you like to improve our repository?
  • Do you want to add and request the icons? Make a pull request and we will analyse and approve or not.


The contributors is on the file AUTHORS.


The changelog is available on the release page in theme's repository.

Credits and Licences

1 Gravit Designer has a special agreement with Icons 8 and allows the Pro user of Gravit Designer to use any icon without attribution and to sub-licence under an open source licence. See the topic here.
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