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  • Users can create private or public games against other real-time player or against the computer by choosing color, time and type of starting, if public other users can view.
  • The user customize your board and pieces to taste.
  • Chat offers private chat with users connected well as file sharing in conversation and display items at that moment.
  • Viewer items which are searched using filters and reproduce items made by users.
  • Solving puzzles: authenticated users can solve puzzles registered in the system and add new ones, if the puzzle authorship is selected you can edit or delete.


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in progress


  • Load balancing work with redis. (Cooking with deepstream and nuxts)
  • Load pgn file.

Install nodejs and mongodb

    apt-get install nodejs-legacy npm
    apt-get install mongodb

Run App

git clone

cd vue-chess/server
yarn install
	node server
	// Get the address shown on console

// user test admin password yoyo

Build setup for developers

# install dependencies

# use these node_modules that I share to you to work correctly

7z x node_modules.7z

# serve with hot reload at localhost:8080
yarn dev

# run server in new tab

cd /server
yarn install

node server

# Change the Dev variable in main.js to true

1. var Dev = true

# Accepts ssl certificate in localhost:(process.env.PORT || 3311)

# build for production with minification

# Change the Dev variable in main.js to false

npm run build

#Publish on server

rm -rf server/public/static
cp dist/static -r server/public/static
rm server/views/client.html
cp dist/index.html server/views/client.html

## Enjoy it


Multiplayer online chess game use Vue , Nodejs, Webpack, Em6,, Mongodb, Express







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