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Avare Chart Creation Scripts

This repo is used to create charts for Avare.

Additional details can be found at the Avare homepage.

Questions should be addressed to the Avare mailing list: Pete Gustafson is the primary contact from Apps4Av.

Building the charts

Currently the build process is not well documented. We are working to improve that. If you want to try to build charts, start with this:

cd charts

And follow the instructions.

Note the chart build system is optimized for speed to be run on a modern Linux workstation with lots of RAM. Whenever possible, RAM is used to minimize disk writes. The charts are currently assembled for Avare on a cluster of five machines which each have 128GB RAM each. The lower limit of the machine capabilities has not recently been examined, but at least 32 GB RAM is suggested. The disk space required for a complete build is approximately 300GB. Individual charts can be built with much less disk space.


Assembling proper charts requires at least the following dependencies:

Building charts without slurm workload management is likely possible but is not supported.

Things to know

  • There are likely issues with building from scratch as this is not frequently done
    • Please report issues so that they may be fixed