Wavefile reader / writer using generic fixed-point PCM buffer
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Wavefiles: Ada Wavefile Reader & Writer Package

Version 1.0.0

  1. Introduction

This Package contains a Wavefile Reader & Writer written in Ada 2012.

  1. License & Copyright

This Package is available "as is" under MIT License. Unless stated otherwise, the copyright is held by Gustavo A. Hoffmann.

  1. Supported Platforms

This Package has been tested on the following compilers / platforms:

  • GNAT GPL 2015 for Linux

The Package is expected to work on Windows and Mac platforms.

  1. Features

Wavefile Features

Reading and writing of wavefiles supporting following features:

  • Stereo and multichannel audio
  • Audio samples with following bit depths:
    • 16-bit PCM
    • 24-bit PCM
    • 32-bit PCM
  • Wave-Format-Extensible (WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE)
  • Conversion between PCM buffer data type and wavefile data type.
    • Adaptations for different precisions are performed automatically.

PCM Buffer Features

  • Built-in handling of PCM buffers

    • The Wavefiles Package is a generic package that can be instantiated for different formats of PCM buffers.
    • When instantiating the generic package, the user must specify:
      • The maximum number of samples that the buffer can contain
      • The numerical data type for storing the PCM samples
    • The numerical data type of the PCM samples can be:
      • A floating-point type of arbitrary precision
      • A fixed-point type of arbitrary precision
    • When declaring an instance of the PCM buffer, the user must specify:
      • The number of channels
  • Support for operations on PCM buffers:

    • "=", "*", "+", "-"
    • Custom operations (using function Wavefiles.PCM_Buffers.Perform)
  1. Known Issues and Limitations

Wavefile Features

Following features are not currently supported:

  • Reading and writing of 8-bit PCM wavefiles
  • Reading and writing of wavefiles in floating-point format

PCM Buffer Features

  • Data type conversion to be investigated and improved.
    • Conversion of small negative values might be improved.


  • Extensive documentation and tutorials are missing.
    • Please refer to the test folder for an example on how to use the Package.


  • Unit test for the Package is missing.

    • Just a test module for manual checks is currently available.
  • Testing of wavefiles in various formats is missing.

  • Testing of erroneous wavefiles is missing.