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Asynchronous Python client for InfluxDB
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Asynchronous Python client for InfluxDB. Built on top of aiohttp and asyncio. Aioinflux is an alternative to the official InfluxDB Python client.

Aioinflux supports interacting with InfluxDB in a non-blocking way by using aiohttp. It also supports writing and querying of Pandas dataframes, among other handy functionality.

Please refer to the documentation for more details.


Python 3.6+ is required. You also need to have access to a running instance of InfluxDB.

pip install aioinflux

Quick start

This sums most of what you can do with aioinflux:

import asyncio
from aioinflux import InfluxDBClient

point = {
    'time': '2009-11-10T23:00:00Z',
    'measurement': 'cpu_load_short',
    'tags': {'host': 'server01',
             'region': 'us-west'},
    'fields': {'value': 0.64}

async def main():
    async with InfluxDBClient(db='testdb') as client:
       await client.create_database(db='testdb')
       await client.write(point)
       resp = await client.query('SELECT value FROM cpu_load_short')


See the documentation for more detailed usage.

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