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Active RAM

IceBrain's Active RAM Widget

This function returns the Active memory usage, according to /proc/meminfo. It is a "light" function as it doesn't spawn any processes and it's composed of plain Lua, so it should work on all Awesome versions.

Function code

Paste this inside your rc.lua:

There are two versions, copy only one, according to your taste. The first prints the usage in MB:

 function activeram()      local active      for line in io.lines('/proc/meminfo') do          for key, value in string.gmatch(line, "(%w+):\ +(%d+).+") do              if key == "Active" then active = tonumber(value) end          end      end             return string.format("%.2fMB",(active/1024))  end

This prints in percentage of total RAM used:

 function activeram()    local active, total    for line in io.lines('/proc/meminfo') do        for key, value in string.gmatch(line, "(%w+):\ +(%d+).+") do            if key == "Active" then active = tonumber(value)            elseif key == "MemTotal" then total = tonumber(value) end        end    end        return string.format("%.0f%%",(active/total)*100)  end


Now, you can use a normal textbox to show you RAM usage:

First, create the widget:

 meminfo = widget({ type = "textbox", align = "right" })

Then, assign a hook to update it:

 awful.hooks.timer.register(10, function() meminfo.text = activeram() end)

Finally, assign it to your wibox:

 mywibox[s].widgets = {   ...                           meminfo,                           ...                           s == 1 and mysystray or nil }

Update for version 3.5.5

  1. Create a file called activeram.lua and paste one of the following two versions:

1a. The first version (in MB)

   local wibox = require("wibox")    local awful = require("awful")        activeram_widget = wibox.widget.textbox()    activeram_widget:set_align("right")        function update_activeram(widget)        local active        for line in io.lines('/proc/meminfo') do            for key, value in string.gmatch(line, "(%w+):\ +(%d+).+") do                if key == "Active" then active = tonumber(value) end            end        end            widget:set_markup(string.format("%.2fMB",(active/1024)))    end        update_activeram(activeram_widget)        memtimer = timer({ timeout = 10 })    memtimer:connect_signal("timeout", function () update_activeram(activeram_widget) end)    memtimer:start()

1b. The second version (in percentage)

   local wibox = require("wibox")    local awful = require("awful")        activeram_widget = wibox.widget.textbox()    activeram_widget:set_align("right")        function update_activeram(widget)        local active, total    for line in io.lines('/proc/meminfo') do        for key, value in string.gmatch(line, "(%w+):\ +(%d+).+") do            if key == "Active" then active = tonumber(value)            elseif key == "MemTotal" then total = tonumber(value) end        end    end            widget:set_markup(string.format("%.2fMB",(active/1024)))    end        update_activeram(activeram_widget)        memtimer = timer({ timeout = 10 })    memtimer:connect_signal("timeout", function () update_activeram(activeram_widget) end)    memtimer:start()

  1. Paste the below line in rc.lua near the top where other require lines are:


  1. Paste the below line in rc.lua as well, except it should be just before the line with "right_layout:add(mylayoutbox[s])":



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