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docker-dmarc-report Docker Pulls

This image is intended to combine a dmarc report parser (see by and John Bieling) with a report viewer (see by the same people) into a runnable docker image / microservice.

It fetches dmarc report mails regularly from an IMAP server, stores them into a MySQL DB and visualizes them via Webserver/PHP module.


  1. Create a TXT DNS record for your domain, containg an IMAP postbox, e.g.
17:18 $ dig TXT +short
"v=DMARC1\; p=quarantine\; fo=1\;\;\; adkim=s\; aspf=s\;"
  1. Create a MySQL Database and a user for this service
  2. Run this docker image with below mentioned env vars
  3. Access port 80 on the container (or 443) or put it behind a reverse proxy to view reports
docker pull gutmensch/dmarc-report
docker run -e ... -ti gutmensch/dmarc-report

Versions for last build latest

dmarcts report viewer: 2019-01-04

dmarcts report parser: 2019-01-04

Sample docker compose / Environment variables

The variables should be self-explanatory. Make sure to create the DB and IMAP folders before the cron job runs!

  image: "gutmensch/dmarc-report:latest"
  hostname: dmarc-report
  container_name: dmarc-report
    - "REPORT_DB_HOST=mysql"
    - "REPORT_DB_NAME=dmarc_report"
    - "REPORT_DB_USER=dmarc_report"
    - "REPORT_DB_PASS=foobar"
    - "
    - "PARSER_IMAP_PASS=foobar"
    - "PARSER_IMAP_MOVE_FOLDER=processed"

Optional extended configuration

Use SSL instead of default TLS. Set both to 0 to turn off encryption. (not recommended)

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