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Linux script to reset a Kniwwelino to factory settings

When working with the Arduino IDE, it is possible to overwrite the factory programming of the Kniwwelino micro-controller.

If you want to go back to factory settings, the project publishes stand-alone firmware flashing software. But sometimes that's just too complicated, and on Linux the built-in tools often work better.

You need to have access to the "esptool" binary that got installed when you enabled support for the Kniwwelino board type in your Arduino IDE. You also need to install the "jq" JSON parser. Other than that, the script only uses standard Linux tools.

At the very top of the script, you can optionally change the default URL for the factory firmware, or you can pass this value as an argument on the command line.

The other editable parameter is the default USB port. Chances are, most users only have a single Kniwwelino attached at a time and won't need to edit this value. Make sure that your user has access to the /dev/ttyUSB0 device node though. In most cases, that requires you to be a member of the "dialout" group.


Linux script to reset a Kniwwelino to factory settings



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