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Project: Berlin School of Creative Leadership

Filename: 20131001_Axel_Quack_Projects_Berlin_School_of_Creative_Leadership_Shortened.pdf
Description: The Berlin School is an international business school founded by Michael Conrad (ex-Vice Chairman/-CCO at Leo Burnett Worldwide. Participants are creative industry executives with several years of management experience from all over the world. The students ́ modules take place in Germany, the United States, Japan and China and focus on accounting, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, international business, organizational behavior and strategy. Our „godfather“ – serving as mentor to the 13 participants in my group – is Sir John Hegarty (CCO and founder of BBH).

Project: Cognitive Cities

Filename: 20131001_Axel_Quack_Projects_Cognitive_Cities.pdf
Description: I was co-organizer and cofounder of the Cognitive Cities Conference which aimed to facilitate a vibrant global conversation about the future of cities. By inviting bright minds with different perspectives, it was our ambition to enable not only an in-depth exchange about the current state of affairs, but also to foster new projects and contribute to the ongoing global discussion. We invited urban planners, designers, technology- & environmental experts, public officials, urban gardening enthusiasts, and cultural influencers to be part of the conversation.

Project: Coworking Cologne

Filename: 20131001_Axel_Quack_Projects_Coworking_Cologne.pdf
Description: I am the cofounder of Coworking Cologne, a prototype for a thinking & doing space. Here individuals, startups, and creatives in general can utilize workspace and have the opportunity to exchange knowledge. We also organize events and workshops for the creative industry intended to galvanize and foster possibilities for future creative workers. We have created a space which offers a high value propositions with low administrative costs.

Project: Crate

Filename: 20131001_Axel_Quack_Projects_Crate.pdf
Description: Crate is a product I built at 24/7 medien produktion. The core idea was to develop a scalable white-label web-TV solution. The platform was originally built on top of already existing customer solutions and was one of the first projects built using Amazon ́s cloud services in Europe. My role was to recruit and lead a team of experts to develop the product and marketing material. Working under pressure in a short 10- month time frame we were able to create and deliver a working and sellable system, financed by the revenues of regular customer projects.

Project: Dingfabrik

Filename: 20131001_Axel_Quack_Projects_Dingfabrik.pdf
Description: In 2010 I was one of the initiators and cofounders of a project called „dingfabrik.“ The dingfabrik is a laboratory, meeting point, and creative space that is also known as FabLab (fabrication laboratory). This community space offers a range of machines (3D printers, a homemade laser cutter, and even robots) as well as advice from a variety of knowledgeable specialists. The dingfabrik is still wildly successful and profitable, and it continues to host numerous events and projects, which often receive wide media coverage.

Project: Hard Hack

Filename: 20131001_Axel_Quack_Projects_Hard_Hack.pdf
Description: What is a hard hack? Broadly speaking, hard hacks alter „nonliving systems.“ For instance, using instant messaging in a meeting to communicate work-related insights while a particulary boring speaker drones on is a hard hack. A couple of months ago I organized the first hard hack meetup. Employees met once a week at a private meetup called Campfire where they could tinker and experiment with or „hack“ their own projects. As it was a private even we cut the discussion short if the topic drifted toward the company ́s interest or profile.

Project: Innovation Lab (Handout)

Filename: 20131001_Axel_Quack_Projects_Pixelpark_Innovation_Lab_HANDOUT.pdf
Description: In my current role as Director for Innovation & Head of Innovation Lab at Pixelpark, I spearhead internal organizational changes through cultural transformation and iteration of processes and frameworks, which effectively lead to identifying new business models to generate new streams of revenue. My efforts and successes have also been recognized externally and won accolades.

Project: Second Order Television

Filename: 20131001_Axel_Quack_Projects_Second_Order_Television.pdf
Description: As initiator and producer I created a television-based project that rejects a directive (or apparatus) approach and instead engages with an experimental media practice in which the objectified and that which objectifies have no meaning. The project is comprised of different interview formats in image and sound. This project was undertaken at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne.

Project: Teaching

Filename: 20131001_Axel_Quack_Projects_Teaching.pdf
Description: As an assistant professor I lead weeklong workshops at various design, architecture, and business schools, guiding students through the creative process from ideation to running prototype ready to be pitched to different stakeholders. The course covers a range of content from ideation techniques and rating, business- model prototyping, competitor analysis and differentiation, paper prototyping to lean design techniques and Pecha Kucha-style presentations.

Project: Web TV & IPTV

Filename: 20131001_Axel_Quack_Projects_WebTV_IPTV.pdf
Description: My role in the company at the time was to build and lead a team to deliver new digital formats for web- and IPTV. I was responsible for content development of more than 140 video podcasts as well as specialized community websites for brands like Capri Sonne / Capri Sun, Mars Deutschland, CoreMedia and Deutsche Telekom.

Project: Innovation Lab (Services)

Filename: 20131001_Pixelpark_Innovation_Lab_Services.pdf
Description: Lorem Ipsum


Talk: Ideas about Coworking

Filename: 20131001_Axel_Quack_Ideas_About_Coworking.pdf

Talk: Design Fiction – On Design, Science, Fact and Fiction

Filename: 20131001_Axel_Quack_Interactive_Fiction_Design_Fiction.pdf

Talk: Midem – Prototyping Innovation

Filename: 20131001_Axel_Quack_Midem_Prototyping_Innovation.pdf

Talk: Aggregieren, kuratieren und publizieren von Inhalten

Filename: 20131001_Pixelpark_Innovation_Lab_-_Aggregieren__kuratieren_und_publizieren_von_Inhalten.pdf

Talk: Xin Che Jian Shanghai – Running a Coworking Space and FabLab

Filename: 20131001_Axel_Quack_Xin_Che_Jian_Shanghai_Running_A_Coworking_Space_And_Fablab.pdf

Talk: Infrastructure as Code

Filename: 20131001_Pixelpark_Innovation_Lab_-_Infrastructure_as_Code.pdf

Talk: Transformation of work and economy

Filename: 20131001_Axel_Quack_Pixelpark_Transformation_of_work_and_economy.pdf

Master´s Thesis Summary

Filename: 20131001_Axel_Quack_Masters_Thesis_Summary.pdf