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Library for debugging Clojure programms with support for tracing, timing and inspection. More documentation will be written soon.


Add one of the following to your project.clj to let Leiningen install clj-debug for you:

:dependencies [[clj-debug "0.6.4"]]
:dev-dependencies [[clj-debug "0.6.4"]]



  • variable args not supported, yet
  • loop recur not supported, yet
  • special treatment for deref-data (copy value when tracing) - similar for lazy-seq (copy realized portion of the lazy-seq)
  • improve trace nodes and their gui nodes (not one defrecord per trace node type!), e.g. adjust GUI to reprsent the semantics of the clojure.core macros
  • there is still a lot of redundancy in the multimethod implementations for handling known macros
  • expression nodes should contain the expression form with filled in parameters


Copyright © 2012 Gunnar Völkel

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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