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technology is a mobile-enabled Hexo theme based on the features in Hexo's default theme landscape. Since I am a Designer and not a Coder, so please advise! I am very grateful to guxuelong for providing technical support during the technology production process.




$ git clone themes/technology


Modify theme setting in _config.yml to technology

theme: technology


cd themes/technology
git pull


let me know if you can’t find something.

# Menu
  Home: /
  Archives: /archives
  Gallery: /gallery
  About: /about
rss: /atom.xml

# Miscellaneous
favicon: /favicon.ico
brand: /images/hexo.png

# technology Video
# Because I put videos in multiple formats on the same path, I just labeled the path here.
  overlay: true
  path: images/technology/      # Video storage path, formats: mp4/ogg/webm
  brand: /images/hexo-inverted.png      # Optional, a small logo

# Content
excerpt_link:
share_text: Share
  page_prev: Prev page
  page_next: Next page
  post_prev: Newer posts
  post_next: Olde posts

# fancybox
fancybox: true

# Local search
search_text: Search

# Gitalk
  enable: true
  clientID: # GitHub Application Client ID
  clientSecret: # Client Secret
  repo: # Repository name
  owner: GitHub ID
  admin: GitHub ID

The feathericon in the menu is programmed ordely in "CSS source/css/_partial/navbar.styl " and can be changed or added if needed.

  &:nth-child(1)         // home
        content '\f12f'
  &:nth-child(2)         // archives
        content '\f12a'
  //&:nth-child(3)         // gallery
  //  .nav-item-link
  //    &::before
  //      content '\f1a9'
  //&:nth-child(4)         // about
  //  .nav-item-link
  //    &::before
  //      content '\f174'


  • Local search - Generate an xml index file using the plugin hexo-generator-search.

    $ npm install hexo-generator-searchdb --save

    Then add the plugin configuration for hexo's configuration file _config.yml (note: not the theme's configuration file, the theme configuration file technology has been configured):

    # Hexo-generator-search
      path: search.xml
      field: post
      format: html
  • RSS - RSS - If you would like to enable the RSS, the hexo-generate-feed plugin is also required.

    $ npm install hexo-generator-feed --save

Post poster

title: Post name

photos: [


Need to write in the head of the markdown, this is not a good way to write, I hope to get a better way to write on github.

title: Gallery

albums: [
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