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remote program installation and control (work in progress/proof of concept)

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nexus - remote program installation and control (work in progress/proof of concept)

    /    ___  ___  _ _  _ _  ___    \
    |   |   || -_||_'_|| | ||_ -|   |
    |   |_|_||___||_,_||___||___|   |
    \_____________________________  / ____       ___
                                  \| / .  \  .-´/   \`-.
                                     \____ \/   \___/   \__
                                           /../..\ /..\..\

build status

  • nexus provides a cli and a server with dnode-interface to install, uninstall, start, stop and observe local and remote programs.
  • you can install a program with git (only) by using the install with a git-url.
  • running programs are monitored with mon.
  • information about running programms is stored in a dirty-database.
  • all the config, logs and programs live in ~/.nexus by default.
  • nexus is still super-alpha (and may change a lot). you may want to checkout fleet which does similiar things differently.


  • install node
  • npm install nexus -g


install a program locally in ~/.nexus/apps

nexus install

this will clone the repo into ~/.nexus/cache/<sha1(url)> and checkout the current master into ~/.nexus/apps/express. now we have to install the dependencies since nexus doesnt do anything but git-clone/checkout if there is no nexus.json in the root-directory of the repository.

nexus exec express -- npm install

install another version of the program, the name will be express_1 to avoid name-collision with the other program. now it will fetch/update the local cache of the repository and clone from that to save time:

nexus install
nexus exec express_1 -- npm install

start the resource-example with in the current master-branch of express:

nexus start express -- node examples/resource/app

start another process with version 2.5.11:

nexus start express_1 -- node -e "require('./examples/resource/app').listen(3001)"

show all locally running processes:

nexus ps

uninstall programs:

nexus rm express express_1

start a nexus server:

nexus server start -p 3840

remotely install a program and start a process, stopall and uninstall:

nexus -h -p 3840 install foo
nexus -h -p 3840 start foo -- node examples/blog/app
nexus -h -p 3840 ps
nexus -h -p 3840 stopall
nexus -h -p 3840 rm foo

for further information please checkout the cli- and api-docs or take a look at the tests.


nexus [-r <remote>] [-c <path to configFile>] [<command> [<options>]]



var n = require('nexus')()



n.install(opts, cb)

n.uninstall(opts, cb), cb)

n.start(opts, cb)

n.restart(opts, cb)



n.stop(id, cb)


n.exec(opts, cb)

n.log(opts, cb)

n.server(opts, cb)

n.connect(opts, cb)
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