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Moved installation into a cabal file, fixed up some GLFloat namespace…

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1 parent 073aebd commit 54b62eac29f174ee4a7d7b72c43f9db605ed1b95 @cmh cmh committed
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16 visualiser.cabal
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+name: Haskell-Frequency-Visualiser
+version: 0.0.1
+cabal-version: >= 1.2
+synopsis: Haskell Frequency Visualiser
+description: Music visualiser, using pulse audio and opengl
+stability: Experimental
+category: Audio
+copyright: 2011-2011 Guy Burton
+author: Guy Burton <>
+build-type: Simple
+Executable visualiser
+ main-is: gl.hs
+ build-depends: base >= 3, pure-fft, WAVE, pulse-simple, threads, colour, OpenGLRaw, GLUT, GLURaw, OpenGL
+ ghc-options: -O2

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