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Leandb quick lookup for DCSS
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Lookup DB

Lookup DB is a friendly interface to the Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup LearnDB knowledge base.


Using Docker

Make sure docker and docker compose (optional) are installed.

Run docker-compose up in the working directory

After compiling, lookupdb should be running at localhost:8090


In order to work, Lookup DB requires monster-trunk to be compiled and symlinked as monster-trunk in the base lookupdb directory.

Currently using monster-trunk branch origin/dcss015 and crawl tag 0.15.2

To setup monster-trunk:

The application requires a redis instance and expects it to be running on localhost at port 6379. See if you want to change the port/host, its currently setup to work well with docker.

  1. Checkout monster-trunk at branch origin/dcss015
  2. Checkout crawl at tag 0.15.2
  3. Symlink crawl into monster-trunk at crawl-ref (ln -s ../crawl crawl-ref)
  4. Run make (I could only get this to work on Ubuntu, not mac)
  5. Checkout lookupDB
  6. Runk npm install
  7. Symlink monster-trunk (ln -s ../monster-trunk/monster-stable monster-trunk)
  8. Run gulp coffee (npm install -g gulp if you dont have it already)
  9. node lib/index.js
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