Safari port of vimium
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Vimari - Keyboard Shortcuts extension for Safari

Vimari is a Safari extension that provides keyboard based navigation. The code is heavily based on vimium, a Chrome extension that provides much more extensive features.

Vimari attempts to provide a lightweight port of vimium to Safari, taking the best components of vimium and adapting them to Safari.



Safari 12

Safari 11 and below (DEPRECATED)


Safari 12

Read this guide.

Safari 11

Download the latest version and double-click the file.



Command Prefix - Modifier key to hold down with your action key. If you leave it blank you don't need to hold down anything (default setting).

Excluded URLs - Comma separated list of website URLs you don't want to use vimari with. To exclude GitHub for example, provide the value or It's smart and should handle all possible domain cases.

Link Hint Characters - Allowed characters to be used when generating link shortcuts.

Extra detection by cursor style - Detect clickable links by looking for HTML elements having cursor style set to "pointer".

Scroll Size - How much each scroll will move on the page.

Keyboard Bindings

These are the default keyboard bindings, they can all be changed in the settings of the extension. You can find them in Preferences->Extensions.

In-page navigation

f       Toggle links
F       Toggle links (open link in new tab)
k       Scroll up
j       Scroll down
h       Scroll left
l       Scroll right
u       Scroll up half page
d       Scroll down half page
g g     Go to top of page
G       Go to bottom of page

Page/Tab navigation

H       History back
L       History forward
r       Reload
w       Next tab
q       Previous tab
x       Close current tab and go to left tab
X       Close current tab and go to right tab
t       Open new tab


Copyright (C) 2011 Guy Halford-Thompson. See LICENSE for details.