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Scheduled monthly dependency update for October #389

merged 8 commits into from Oct 1, 2018


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pyup-bot commented Oct 1, 2018

Update wheel from 0.31.1 to 0.32.0.



- Removed wheel signing and verifying features
- Removed the "wheel install" and "wheel installscripts" commands
- Added the ``wheel pack`` command
- Allowed multiple license files to be specified using the ``license_files``
- Deprecated the ``license_file`` option
- Eliminated duplicate lines from generated requirements in
``.dist-info/METADATA`` (thanks to Wim Glenn for the contribution)
- Fixed handling of direct URL specifiers in requirements
(PR by Benoit Pierre)
- Fixed canonicalization of extras (PR by Benoit Pierre)
- Warn when the deprecated ``[wheel]`` section is used in ``setup.cfg``
(PR by Jon Dufresne)

Update watchdog from 0.8.3 to 0.9.0.

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Update Sphinx from 1.7.6 to 1.8.1.




Incompatible changes

* LaTeX ``\pagestyle`` commands have been moved to the LaTeX template. No
changes in PDF, except possibly if ``\sphinxtableofcontents``, which
contained them, had been customized in :file:``. (refs: 5455)

Bugs fixed

* 5418: Incorrect default path for sphinx-build -d/doctrees files
* 5421: autodoc emits deprecation warning for :confval:`autodoc_default_flags`
* 5422: lambda object causes PicklingError on storing environment
* 5417: Sphinx fails to build with syntax error in Python 2.7.5
* 4911: add latexpdf to make.bat for non make-mode
* 5436: Autodoc does not work with enum subclasses with properties/methods
* 5437: autodoc: crashed on modules importing eggs
* 5433: latex: ImportError: cannot import name 'DEFAULT_SETTINGS'
* 5431: autodoc: ``autofunction`` emits a warning for callable objects
* 5457: Fix TypeError in error message when override is prohibited
* 5453: PDF builds of 'howto' documents have no page numbers
* 5463: mathbase: math_role and MathDirective was disappeared in 1.8.0
* 5454: latex: Index has disappeared from PDF for Japanese documents
* 5432: py domain: ``:type:`` field can't process ``:term:`` references
* 5426: py domain: TypeError has been raised for class attribute





* html: search box overrides to other elements if scrolled
* i18n: warnings for translation catalogs have wrong line numbers (refs: 5321)
* 5325: latex: cross references has been broken by multiply labeled objects
* C++, fixes for symbol addition and lookup. Lookup should no longer break
in partial builds. See also 5337.
* 5348: download reference to remote file is not displayed
* 5282: html theme: ``pygments_style`` of theme was overrided by ````
by default
* 4379: toctree shows confusible warning when document is excluded
* 2401: autodoc: ``:members:`` causes ``:special-members:`` not to be shown
* autodoc: ImportError is replaced by AttributeError for deeper module
* 2720, 4034: Incorrect links with ``:download:``, duplicate names, and
parallel builds
* 5290: autodoc: failed to analyze source code in egg package
* 5399: Sphinx crashes if unknown po file exists


* 5083: Fix wrong make.bat option for internationalization.
* 5115: napoleon: add admonitions added by 4613 to the docs.




Incompatible changes


Features added

Bugs fixed




Features added

* 5359: Make generated texinfo files reproducible by sorting the anchors

Bugs fixed

* 5361: crashed on incremental build if document uses include directive



Incompatible changes

* The type of ``env.included`` has been changed to dict of set

Bugs fixed

* 5320: intersphinx: crashed if invalid url given
* 5326: manpage: crashed when invalid docname is specified as ``man_pages``
* 5322: autodoc: ``Any`` typehint causes formatting error
* 5327: "document isn't included in any toctree" warning on rebuild with
generated files
* 5335: quickstart: escape sequence has been displayed with MacPorts' python



Bugs fixed

* 5198: document not in toctree warning when including files only for parallel
* LaTeX: reduce "Token not allowed in a PDF string" hyperref warnings in latex
console output (refs: 5236)
* LaTeX: suppress "remreset Warning: The remreset package is obsolete" in latex
console output with recent LaTeX (refs: 5237)
* 5234: PDF output: usage of PAPER environment variable is broken since Sphinx
* LaTeX: fix the :confval:`latex_engine` documentation regarding Latin Modern
font with XeLaTeX/LuaLateX (refs: 5251)
* 5280: autodoc: Fix wrong type annotations for complex typing
* autodoc: Optional types are wrongly rendered
* 5291: autodoc crashed by ForwardRef types
* 5211: autodoc: No docs generated for functools.partial functions
* 5306: autodoc: ``getargspec()`` raises NameError for invalid typehints
* 5298: imgmath: math_number_all causes equations to have two numbers in html
* 5294: sphinx-quickstart blank prompts in PowerShell

Update py from 1.5.3 to 1.6.0.




- add ``TerminalWriter.width_of_current_line`` (i18n version of
``TerminalWriter.chars_on_current_line``), a read-only property
that tracks how wide the current line is, attempting to take
into account international characters in the calculation.



- fix pytest-dev/pytest3451: don't make assumptions about fs case sensitivity
in ``make_numbered_dir``.

Update pytest from 3.7.0 to 3.8.1.




Bug Fixes

- `3286 <>`_: ``.pytest_cache`` directory is now automatically ignored by Git. Users who would like to contribute a solution for other SCMs please consult/comment on this issue.

- `3749 <>`_: Fix the following error during collection of tests inside packages::

   TypeError: object of type 'Package' has no len()

- `3941 <>`_: Fix bug where indirect parametrization would consider the scope of all fixtures used by the test function to determine the parametrization scope, and not only the scope of the fixtures being parametrized.

- `3973 <>`_: Fix crash of the assertion rewriter if a test changed the current working directory without restoring it afterwards.

- `3998 <>`_: Fix issue that prevented some caplog properties (for example ``record_tuples``) from being available when entering the debugger with ``--pdb``.

- `3999 <>`_: Fix ``UnicodeDecodeError`` in python2.x when a class returns a non-ascii binary ``__repr__`` in an assertion which also contains non-ascii text.

Improved Documentation

- `3996 <>`_: New `Deprecations and Removals <>`_ page shows all currently
deprecated features, the rationale to do so, and alternatives to update your code. It also list features removed
from pytest in past major releases to help those with ancient pytest versions to upgrade.

Trivial/Internal Changes

- `3955 <>`_: Improve pre-commit detection for changelog filenames

- `3975 <>`_: Remove legacy code around im_func as that was python2 only



Deprecations and Removals

- `2452 <>`_: ``Config.warn`` and ``Node.warn`` have been
deprecated, see `<>`_ for rationale and

- `3936 <>`_: ``pytest.mark.filterwarnings`` second parameter is no longer regex-escaped,
making it possible to actually use regular expressions to check the warning message.

**Note**: regex-escaping the match string was an implementation oversight that might break test suites which depend
on the old behavior.


- `2452 <>`_: Internal pytest warnings are now issued using the standard ``warnings`` module, making it possible to use
the standard warnings filters to manage those warnings. This introduces ``PytestWarning``,
``PytestDeprecationWarning`` and ``RemovedInPytest4Warning`` warning types as part of the public API.

Consult `the documentation <>`_ for more info.

- `2908 <>`_: ``DeprecationWarning`` and ``PendingDeprecationWarning`` are now shown by default if no other warning filter is
configured. This makes pytest more compliant with
`PEP-0506 <>`_. See
`the docs <>`_ for
more info.

- `3251 <>`_: Warnings are now captured and displayed during test collection.

- `3784 <>`_: ``PYTEST_DISABLE_PLUGIN_AUTOLOAD`` environment variable disables plugin auto-loading when set.

- `3829 <>`_: Added the ``count`` option to ``console_output_style`` to enable displaying the progress as a count instead of a percentage.

- `3837 <>`_: Added support for 'xfailed' and 'xpassed' outcomes to the ``pytester.RunResult.assert_outcomes`` signature.

Bug Fixes

- `3911 <>`_: Terminal writer now takes into account unicode character width when writing out progress.

- `3913 <>`_: Pytest now returns with correct exit code (EXIT_USAGEERROR, 4) when called with unknown arguments.

- `3918 <>`_: Improve performance of assertion rewriting.

Improved Documentation

- `3566 <>`_: Added a blurb in usage.rst for the usage of -r flag which is used to show an extra test summary info.

- `3907 <>`_: Corrected type of the exceptions collection passed to ``xfail``: ``raises`` argument accepts a ``tuple`` instead of ``list``.

Trivial/Internal Changes

- `3853 <>`_: Removed ``"run all (no recorded failures)"`` message printed with ``--failed-first`` and ``--last-failed`` when there are no failed tests.



Bug Fixes

- `3506 <>`_: Fix possible infinite recursion when writing ``.pyc`` files.

- `3853 <>`_: Cache plugin now obeys the ``-q`` flag when ``--last-failed`` and ``--failed-first`` flags are used.

- `3883 <>`_: Fix bad console output when using ``console_output_style=classic``.

- `3888 <>`_: Fix macOS specific code using ``capturemanager`` plugin in doctests.

Improved Documentation

- `3902 <>`_: Fix links



Bug Fixes

- `3033 <>`_: Fixtures during teardown can again use ``capsys`` and ``capfd`` to inspect output captured during tests.

- `3773 <>`_: Fix collection of tests from ```` files if they match the ``python_files`` configuration option.

- `3796 <>`_: Fix issue where teardown of fixtures of consecutive sub-packages were executed once, at the end of the outer

- `3816 <>`_: Fix bug where ``--show-capture=no`` option would still show logs printed during fixture teardown.

- `3819 <>`_: Fix ``stdout/stderr`` not getting captured when real-time cli logging is active.

- `3843 <>`_: Fix collection error when specifying test functions directly in the command line using ```` syntax together with ``--doctest-modules``.

- `3848 <>`_: Fix bugs where unicode arguments could not be passed to ``testdir.runpytest`` on Python 2.

- `3854 <>`_: Fix double collection of tests within packages when the filename starts with a capital letter.

Improved Documentation

- `3824 <>`_: Added example for multiple glob pattern matches in ``python_files``.

- `3833 <>`_: Added missing docs for ``pytester.Testdir``.

- `3870 <>`_: Correct documentation for setuptools integration.

Trivial/Internal Changes

- `3826 <>`_: Replace broken type annotations with type comments.

- `3845 <>`_: Remove a reference to issue `568 <>`_ from the documentation, which has since been



Bug Fixes

- `3671 <>`_: Fix ``filterwarnings`` not being registered as a builtin mark.

- `3768 <>`_, `3789 <>`_: Fix test collection from packages mixed with normal directories.

- `3771 <>`_: Fix infinite recursion during collection if a ``pytest_ignore_collect`` hook returns ``False`` instead of ``None``.

- `3774 <>`_: Fix bug where decorated fixtures would lose functionality (for example ``mock.patch``).

- `3775 <>`_: Fix bug where importing modules or other objects with prefix ``pytest_`` prefix would raise a ``PluginValidationError``.

- `3788 <>`_: Fix ``AttributeError`` during teardown of ``TestCase`` subclasses which raise an exception during ``__init__``.

- `3804 <>`_: Fix traceback reporting for exceptions with ``__cause__`` cycles.

Improved Documentation

- `3746 <>`_: Add documentation for ``metafunc.config`` that had been mistakenly hidden.



Bug Fixes

- `3473 <>`_: Raise immediately if ``approx()`` is given an expected value of a type it doesn't understand (e.g. strings, nested dicts, etc.).

- `3712 <>`_: Correctly represent the dimensions of an numpy array when calling ``repr()`` on ``approx()``.

- `3742 <>`_: Fix incompatibility with third party plugins during collection, which produced the error ``object has no attribute '_collectfile'``.

- `3745 <>`_: Display the absolute path if ``cache_dir`` is not relative to the ``rootdir`` instead of failing.

- `3747 <>`_: Fix compatibility problem with plugins and the warning code issued by fixture functions when they are called directly.

- `3748 <>`_: Fix infinite recursion in ``pytest.approx`` with arrays in ``numpy<1.13``.

- `3757 <>`_: Pin pathlib2 to ``>=2.2.0`` as we require ``__fspath__`` support.

- `3763 <>`_: Fix ``TypeError`` when the assertion message is ``bytes`` in python 3.

Update prospector[with_everything] from 1.1.1 to 1.1.2.

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guykisel added some commits Oct 1, 2018

@guykisel guykisel merged commit fca36be into master Oct 1, 2018

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@guykisel guykisel deleted the pyup-scheduled-update-2018-10-01 branch Oct 1, 2018

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