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Making BUSCO HMMs useable in Anvi'o.
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Check out Assessing the completion of eukaryotic bins with anvi'o on why you may want to do this...

Making BUSCO HMMs useable in Anvi'o

Clone the repo or download the script directly.

Then, simply run the bash script with a URL for one of the BUSCO datasets, e.g.

bash ./ -u

or, if you have already downloaded the dataset, run it like this:

bash ./ -f fungi_odb9.tar.gz

The output can then be found in the local directory as "dbname_anvio", e.g. 'eukaryota_anvio".


Currently, you will have to edit:

  • "kind.txt" and change it to bacteria, if you have downloaded the bacterial dataset
  • "noise_cutoff_terms.txt" if you want a value other than '1e-25"
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