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A D-Bus version of erawrim, a driver for Mir:ror from Violet.
All Mir:ror events are translated as D-Bus signals. Many clients can connect and react.
The D-Bus API also allow to request the current status of the Mir:ror (UP/DOWN) and the tags currently visible by the Mir:ror.
See reflectd(1) man page for detailled information about the daemon.
In tools/ directory, you will find some useful examples of clients to play with the daemon.
The directory erawrim/ contains the port of an already existing tool
for Mir:ror. These tools allow a simple management of Ztamps:
- use erawrim-ctl to add or remove Ztamps
- launch erawrim as a user's daemon (at session start ?)
See erawrim(1) and erawrim-ctl(1) for more informations.
The directory erawrim/examples contains some example of script to use.
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