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SASS Fluid Grid Generator

What is this?

A fluid grid is a great starting point for building responsive websites but transforming pixels into percentages can sometimes be a bit of a head-scratcher. There are plenty of online grid generators but this is pure CSS and dynamic, thanks to the power of Sass mixins.

How does it work?

Just add "scss/_grid.scss" to a Compass/Sass project, call the mixin, compile your stylesheet and you're done. You only need to write 1 line of code and Sass does all the magic for you:

@include generate-grid($_cols, $_width, $_gutters, [$_grid_wrapper])

That's it. Simple.

How do I use it?

The generated CSS uses SASS silent placeholder classes which gives you the flexibility to name your grids with nice "human readable" class names and use the SASS @extend feature to allow them to inherit the properties of each grid unit.

// The SCSS

.homepage {
	@extend %grids;
.homepage-feature {
	@extend %grid-6-of-24; // 4 equal columns
.homepage-latest-post {
	@extend %grid-12-of-24; // 2 equal columns

<!-- The HTML -->

<div class="homepage">
	<div class="homepage-features">
		<article class="homepage-feature"></article>
		<article class="homepage-feature"></article>
		<article class="homepage-feature"></article>
		<article class="homepage-feature"></article>
	<div class="homepage-latest-posts">
		<article class="homepage-latest-post"></article>
		<article class="homepage-latest-post"></article>

You can also do nested grids

<!-- The HTML -->
<div class="homepage-feature-products">
<section class="homepage-feature-products-container">
	<article class="homepage-feature-product">.homepage-feature-product</article>
	<article class="homepage-feature-product">.homepage-feature-product</article>
	<article class="homepage-feature-product">.homepage-feature-product</article>
	<article class="homepage-feature-product">.homepage-feature-product</article>

// The SCSS
.homepage-feature-products {
	@extend %grid-12-of-24; // one of 2 equal columns
.homepage-feature-products-container {
	@extend %grids; // nested grid container
.homepage-feature-product {
	@extend %grid-12-of-24; // 2 equal columns inside nested grid
	// as the grid uses percentages, each nested grid container
	// becomes a grid of (for example) 24 columns which means to
	// have a 2-column layout within a 2-column layout, you will
	// need to @extend grid-12-of-24.

You can also change the source order

Sometimes the most important content and visual layout don't match up but you can modify your grid by pushing (moving right) and pulling (moving left) your containers by @extending them with selectors like %pull-8-of-24.

<!-- The HTML -->

<div class="pushpull example">
	<div class="push-12-of-24">.push-12-of-24 (first in source order)</div>
	<div class="pull-12-of-24">.pull-12-of-24</div>
	<div class="push-16-of-24">.push-16-of-24 (first in source order)</div>
	<div class="pull-8-of-24">.pull-8-of-24</div>

// The SCSS

.pushpull {
	@extend %grids-24;
.push-12-of-24 {
	@extend %grid-12-of-24;
	@extend %push-12-of-24;
.pull-12-of-24 {
	@extend %grid-12-of-24;
	@extend %pull-12-of-24;
.push-16-of-24 {
	@extend %grid-8-of-24;
	@extend %push-16-of-24;
.pull-8-of-24 {
	@extend %grid-16-of-24;
	@extend %pull-8-of-24;

## Tell me more...

Using some simple maths, Sass generates your grid based on the arguments passed to the mixin. These arguments are as follows:

  • $_cols number of columns
  • $_width width of each $col in pixels
  • $_gutters width between $cols in pixels
  • $_grids_wrapper optional class name for grids container (default: grids)

You are probably familiar with the grid which is traditionally a 12 or 16 column grid that totals 960px wide. This can easily be replicated using this grid generator (resize browser window to see it respond):

@include generate-grid(12, 60, 20)

Where can I use it?

Browser support for the Fluid Grid is IE7+ and all modern browsers.

Where has it been used?


Just use it. Fork it, change it, copy it, distribute it, give it some love.


18 Oct 2013

  • Reduce specificity
  • Reduce internal extends

11 Jun 2013

  • Add ability to work around source order
  • Use SASS placeholders instead of classes

10 Jun 2013

  • Use clearfix instead of overflow:hidden
  • Removed gradient overlays

13 May 2012

  • Initial version


Fluid Grid Generator for Sass






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