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JavaScript Class

This repository contains the curriculum for an introductory JavaScript class. It is intended to take noob developers and turn them into entry level front-end developers. The developers will be green when the course is completed but they will have acquired foundation skills needed to continue their learning and can use them to grow into effectiveness.

This course will cover some of the basics, like HTML and CSS, as well as JavaScript, Jasmine, and jQuery.

Agile will be infused through the curriculum both in explicit topics on pairing and TDD as well as in the entire approach to the course. The course will be made up of a series of cards. Each card will contain all the curriculum for a particular topic, for example "HTML Basics" or "Ping Pong Pairing". The class will prioritize these cards based on their skill level, interest, and need. Anyone in the class can also introduce new cards. Content of the cards will be developed by the instructors as prioritized by the class.

Cards are arranged thematically in tracks. The planned tracks include Basics, Agile Practices, JavaScript, Jasmine, and jQuery. Additional tracks may be added by the students or instructors if added cards do not fit within the existing tracks.


Basics: This includes things such as HTML, CSS, JSON, XML, HTTP, and other foundation technologies to working on the front-end.

Agile Practices: General practices such as TDD, Pairing, and INVEST principles with specifics on how they relate to front-end development.

JavaScript: The syntax of the JavaScript language and the patterns of applying it.

Jasmine: Jasmine and its plugins. Using Jasmine to test drive our code.

jQuery: Basic and advanced features of jQuery.

Other tracks might include topics such as Backbone.js, JavaScript Design Patterns, or CoffeeScript. They will be documented here if they are added.

How This Repository is Organized

Each track has a folder that contains it's cards. Cards are also folders that contain all the teacher notes, exercises, and outlines needed to teach that card.

The root of the repository has this overview as well instructions on how to conduct the first session.

Using This Class

To use this curriculum you will need some sort of card wall to represent the curriculum that the students wish to pursue. We will be using Trello for this and all students will have access to it. In Trello new cards will be created. The cards themselves will be stored in this repository.