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@guysoft guysoft released this Jan 24, 2019

This is the second release of CustomPiOS

I am releasing because this is the first release with Docker support. The images is available at Docker Hub, and each new release should be avilable as a container. So you can use this method to easliy build against static versions of CustomPiOS.

Moreover several really nice features have been added, and it seems to be the right time.


updates to modules

  • New docker module - now not only you can build CustomPiOS builds from docker, you can also have docker
    shipped with your RaspberryPi builds, thanks @MaitreDede!
  • New mysql module - gives you a running mysql mariadb database out of the box.
  • gui module - Fix regex bug in enabling compositing 010cacd, thanks @TheLastProject !
  • base module - add memsplit, timezone, locales, keyboard configuration , thanks @MaitreDede again!
  • ffmpeg module - Add Hardware accelerated FFmpeg encoding/decoding, thanks @tgerring !
  • Minor bug fixes (thanks @jofemodo for #37 )

Thanks everyone who contributed to this release, you make me happy, this is how FOSS should be 😃

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