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-Eventsource library
+Eventsource library for python
.. toctree::
:maxdepth: 2
-eventsource Package
.. note::
-this package installs also three utilities:
+this library installs also three utilities:
- **eventsource-server** : that helps to create an eventsource server (module `eventsource.listener`)
- **eventsource-client** : that helps to create an eventsource client (module `eventsource.client`)
- **eventsource-request** : that helps to send requests to the client through the server (module `eventsource.request`)
see `--help` or README for more information
+Have a look at the README part of this documentation to integrate or extend this library.
+eventsource Package
+This library exposes three modules, two of them based on tornado library. The listener module, ran
+by the server, waits for incoming connections. When a client, running the client module, connects
+to the listener, it waits for incoming events from the server. And finally, when the request module
+is ran, it posts events on the server, who forwards them to the client.
+The request module relies only on `urllib2`.
:mod:`listener` Module

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