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Bernard `Guyzmo` Pratz committed Sep 4, 2016
1 parent e34207d commit 1821458
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Expand Up @@ -123,9 +123,15 @@ I've also added a neat feature that enables you to edit the articles on both git
gitlab, by clicking on the logos on top or bottom of the page ! And when I do tweet about
an article, you'll be able to reply to that tweet by clicking the link below !

To make my setup complete, I had to be able to publish with a simple `git push` and
I had that possible thanks to `gitlab` and the external CI runners! I only had to add
the [`.gitlab-ci.yml`](
which contains the `hugo -d ~/www/` command to deploy the site, ran as `www-data`! 👌

So now, I'm happily blogging again, thanks to that blog propelled by the hamster in
a wheel!


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