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  • 2.6.0 (05-15-2012)

    • [BC] Moving Guzzle\Service\Builder to Guzzle\Service\Builder\ServiceBuilder
    • [BC] Executing a Command returns the result of the command rather than the command
    • [BC] Moving all HTTP parsing logic to Guzzle\Http\Parsers. Allows for faster C implementations if needed.
    • [BC] Changing the Guzzle\Http\Message\Response::setProtocol() method to accept a protocol and version in separate args.
    • [BC] Moving ResourceIterator* to Guzzle\Service\Resource
    • [BC] Completely refactored ResourceIterators to iterate over a cloned command object
    • [BC] Moved Guzzle\Http\UriTemplate to Guzzle\Http\Parser\UriTemplate\UriTemplate
    • [BC] Guzzle\Guzzle is now deprecated
    • Moving Guzzle\Common\Guzzle::inject to Guzzle\Common\Collection::inject
    • Adding Guzzle\Version class to give version information about Guzzle
    • Adding Guzzle\Http\Utils class to provide getDefaultUserAgent() and getHttpDate()
    • Adding Guzzle\Curl\CurlVersion to manage caching curl_version() data
    • ServiceDescription and ServiceBuilder are now cacheable using similar configs
    • Changing the format of XML and JSON service builder configs. Backwards compatible.
    • Cleaned up Cookie parsing
    • Trimming the default Guzzle User-Agent header
    • Adding a setOnComplete() method to Commands that is called when a command completes
    • Keeping track of requests that were mocked in the MockPlugin
    • Fixed a caching bug in the CacheAdapterFactory
    • Inspector objects can be injected into a Command object
    • Refactoring a lot of code and tests to be case insensitive when dealing with headers
    • Adding Guzzle\Http\Message\HeaderComparison for easy comparison of HTTP headers using a DSL
    • Adding the ability to set global option overrides to service builder configs
    • Adding the ability to include other service builder config files from within XML and JSON files
    • Moving the parseQuery method out of Url and on to QueryString::fromString() as a static factory method.
  • 2.5.0 (05-08-2012)

    • Major performance improvements
    • [BC] Simplifying Guzzle\Common\Collection. Please check to see if you are using features that are now deprecated.
    • [BC] Using a custom validation system that allows a flyweight implementation for much faster validation. No longer using Symfony2 Validation component.
    • [BC] No longer supporting "{{ }}" for injecting into command or UriTemplates. Use "{}"
    • Added the ability to passed parameters to all requests created by a client
    • Added callback functionality to the ExponentialBackoffPlugin
    • Using microtime in ExponentialBackoffPlugin to allow more granular backoff stategies.
    • Rewinding request stream bodies when retrying requests
    • Exception is thrown when JSON response body cannot be decoded
    • Added configurable magic method calls to clients and commands. This is off by default.
    • Fixed a defect that added a hash to every parsed URL part
    • Fixed duplicate none generation for OauthPlugin.
    • Emitting an event each time a client is generated by a ServiceBuilder
    • Using an ApiParams object instead of a Collection for parameters of an ApiCommand
    • cache.* request parameters should be renamed to params.cache.*
    • Added the ability to set arbitrary curl options on requests (disable_wire, progress, etc). See CurlHandle.
    • Added the ability to disable type validation of service descriptions
    • ServiceDescriptions and ServiceBuilders are now Serializable
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