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namespace GuzzleHttp\Subscriber\MessageIntegrity;
use GuzzleHttp\Stream\StreamInterface;
* Stream decorator that calculates and validates a rolling hash of the stream
* as it is read.
class ReadIntegrityStream extends HashingStream
/** @var callable|null */
private $mismatchCallback;
/** @var bool */
private $expected;
* @param StreamInterface $stream Stream that is validated.
* @param HashInterface $hash Hash used to calculate the hash.
* @param string $expected The expected hash result.
* @param callable $onMismatch Optional function to invoke when there
* is a mismatch between the calculated hash and the expected hash.
* The callback is called with the resulting hash and the expected hash.
* This callback can be used to throw specific exceptions.
public function __construct(
StreamInterface $stream,
HashInterface $hash,
callable $onMismatch = null
) {
$this->mismatchCallback = $onMismatch;
$this->expected = $expected;
parent::__construct($stream, $hash, function ($result) {
if ($this->expected !== $result) {
private function mismatch($result)
if ($this->mismatchCallback) {
call_user_func($this->mismatchCallback, $result, $this->expected);
throw new \UnexpectedValueException(
sprintf('Message integrity check failure. Expected %s '
. 'but got %s', $this->expected, $result)