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namespace GuzzleHttp\Subscriber\Progress;
use GuzzleHttp\ClientInterface;
use GuzzleHttp\Message\RequestInterface;
use GuzzleHttp\Stream\StreamDecoratorTrait;
use GuzzleHttp\Stream\StreamInterface;
* Adds upload progress events to a stream.
* The supplied callable is invoked each time data is read from the stream.
* The callable is provided the expected number of bytes to upload followed
* by the total number of uploaded bytes.
class UploadProgressStream implements StreamInterface
use StreamDecoratorTrait;
private $reachedEnd;
private $client;
private $request;
* @param StreamInterface $stream Stream to wrap
* @param callable $notify Function to invoke as data is read
* @param ClientInterface $client Client sending the request
* @param RequestInterface $request Request being sent
public function __construct(
StreamInterface $stream,
callable $notify,
ClientInterface $client,
RequestInterface $request
) {
$this->stream = $stream;
$this->notify = $notify;
$this->client = $client;
$this->request = $request;
public function read($length)
$result = $this->stream->read($length);
if (!$result) {
$this->reachedEnd = true;
} elseif (!$this->reachedEnd) {
return $result;