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TodoMVC - Mojito

Mojito is an MVC framework written in pure JavaScript on NodeJS. Allows easy development of web applications - across devices.


  • todomvc-mojito-common: Uses Mojito MVC structure and no other frameworks for code abstraction. Uses common affinity for model and controller, and local storage for persistence.
  • todomvc-mojito-server: Same as todomvc-mojito-common but with server affinity for model and controller, and uses memory for persistence. Demonstrates easy and fast application development - how one can prototype an application and move to production with minimal changes.
  • todomvc-mojito-yui: Uses YUI MVC on top of Mojito MVC. Demonstrates how one can migrate to Mojito
  • todomvc-mojito-jquery: Coolest part - how one can migrate jQuery based application to Mojito