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A web app for submitting ssh public keys directly to gitolite
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This is a work in progress. If you are looking for the Python/Flask version of this project, look at the legacy branch.


Gitolite-sshkey-form is a webapp for collecting and managing SSH public keys. Keys are stored in a directory or committed and pushed directly to gitolite.

Gitolite-sshkey-form can also link a gitolite alias (eg. johndoe) to a git identity (eg. John Doe <jdoe@email>). This makes it possible to implement ad-hoc authentication for git repositories, as gitolite is concerned only with authorization.

While this tool can simplify public key distribution, an administrator still has to assign access rights through gitolite-admin.conf.


Without public keys With public keys


  1. Follow these instructions to install cpanminus.

  2. Clone and install dependencies:

    $ git clone
    $ cd gitolite-sshkey-form
    $ cpanm --installdeps .
  3. Edit the config.yml file to suit your needs.

  4. Run with plackup:

    $ plackup --host --port 8080 bin/app.psgi

    For more deployment options, refer to plackup --help and the Dancer2 documentation.


Gitolite-sshkey-form is released under the terms of the Revised BSD License.

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