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Micropython driver for the HMC5883l on the ESP8266
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HMC5883L ESP8266 Micropython

A class for working with the HMC5883L 3-axis digital compass IC with micropython on the esp8266.


Upload to the micro-controller (e.g. you can use adafruit-ampy) and use as:

from hmc5883l import HMC5883L

sensor = HMC5883L(scl=4, sda=5)

x, y, z =
print(sensor.format_result(x, y, z))

The above will produce a line similar to:

X: -300.8398, Y: 106.7199, Z: -3768.3181, Heading: 160° 28′

That's about it - everything else can be figured out from the code and the links below.



All code and documentation released under the terms of the Revised BSD License.

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