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My first Elixir program: Conway's Game of Life Now updated for elixir 0.14.1

Now with Visualization

I figured out the ANSI escape sequences to draw this on the console. Plus, I provided a few interesting starting blobs. First compile:

elixirc "lib/conway.ex"

Then you can run any of the following:

  • mix run -e Conway.run_glider
  • mix run -e Conway.run_spaceship
  • mix run -e Conway.run_pulsar

You could also set your own pairs of x, y coordinates via:

  • mix run -e "Conway.run [{1,2}, {1,1}, {1.0}]"

In Conway.evolve, it takes a list of 2 element tuples representing x, y coordinates of live cells. It uses the center of the screen as the origin (0,0). It returns a list of 2 element tuples represeting the new generation, suitable to feed back into the function.

##Make It Stop! control-C. Twice. It's an Erlang thing apparently.

##Wha' Happened to My CURSOR? Yeah. That. Sorry, but I haven't figured it out yet. I tried a System.at_exit call to restore it, but no joy. This should get that cursor back:

echo -e "\033[?25h"

or else open a new terminal window

Sample inputs

Static block

[{0,1}, {1,1}, {0,0}, {1,0}] returns itself

Blinker (2-cycle shape)

[{1,2}, {1,1}, {1,0}] returns [{0,1},{1,1},{2,1}] which itself returns the original

Toad (another 2-cycle shape)

[{1,1}, {2,1}, {3,1}, {0,0}, {1,0}, {2,0}] returns [{2,2}, {0,1}, {3,1}, {0,0}, {3,0}, {1,-1}] which itself returns the original