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My dotfiles in action

screenshot of desktop in use screenshot of empty desktop


I use yadm to manage the dotfiles. To quickly get them up and running, run these commands:

yadm -Y $YADM_DIR clone $YADM_DIR
yadm submodule update --init

Note: I try to keep my dotfiles XDG-compliant to avoid as much clutter in my $HOME as possible. Most of that is handled by my .zshenv, where I set up the necessary environment variables and aliases.

Dependencies and stuff I use

(Every parent entry corresponds to a package in AUR.)


  • i3-gaps-next-git (i3-wm, using patch to add gaps between windows)
  • i3lock-fancy-git (for a fancy lockscreen)
  • py3status
  • rofi (better dmenu-replacement)
  • termite (nice little terminal)
  • compton (for eyecandy like fade-ins and tranparent windows)
  • unclutter (hides cursor after few seconds without movement)
  • dunst (for notification support)
  • paper-icon-theme-git
  • gtk-theme-arc
  • redshift (tints everything redish, less eyestrain for sessions at night)



  • pacaur
  • neovim
  • zsh
  • tmux
  • feh (very small image viewer, used to set my wallpaper)
  • connman (to manage wifi and bluetooth)
  • tlp (to manage power management profile)
  • yadm
  • neofetch
  • ranger (CLI file manager)


  • thunar (simple file manager)
  • zathura (pdf viewer)
  • google-chrome
  • thunderbird


  • mopidy (music player daemon)
    • mopidy-somafm
    • mopidy-spotify
    • mopidy-spotify-tunigo
  • mpc (cli for mopidy)
  • ncmpcpp (terminal view for mopidy)
  • sonata (GUI view for mopidy)
  • vlc


  • ttf-ms-fonts (windows fonts, for better compatibility)
  • powerline-fonts-git
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