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<summary /> | About me

I'm Gertjan, I'm 34 and live in Oss with my wife and daughter. I’m a Software Engineer who likes to consider the bigger picture. In my career in the IT industry I’ve seen lots of application-domains and covered almost every activity involved in inventing, designing, creating and supporting software.

Recently I’ve has grown into a more strategic role where I was responsible for the ISO 27001:2017 certification (Information Security Management System) and setting up of the Quality Assurance and Quality Control workflows within the company. Together with our development team I also setup our support desk and knowledge bases to embed knowledge sharing in our team and with customers.

I love being a mentor for other developers and stakeholders in software projects. I like to assist colleagues with technical questions but am also not afraid to work with clients and end-users to be able to work towards the best possible solution. Combined with periodic reviews on code and process I try to get everybody to the next level.

<meta name="keywords" /> | Keywords

TaxModel, SuperDeveloper, Pulsatrix, .NET, C#, Architecture, Azure, SQL, Javascript, MVC, ISMS, ISO 27001

<source /> | Projects

Not really much to see, but these are public anyway, so enjoy ;)

<a href /> | Other links

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