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Chef is an all-in-one platform for aspiring and veteran chefs alike
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Chef is an all-in-one platform where aspiring and veteran chefs alike can iterate on their recipes, collaborate with fellow cooks across the platform, explore other forms of cuisine, have a guided cooking experience, and better plan their meals.


Phase 1 The platform will be a simple recipe Version Control System (VCS), supporting features such as exploring popular recipes made by other chefs, creating a recipe from scratch, backtracking recipes' history of changes, and "forking" or collaborating others' recipes. Chef is in many ways the Github for recipes.

Phase 2 With an established VCS, the next direction is to provide an elegant guided cooking experience. There are a lot of shortcomings with how plain text recipes currently work, and plenty of room for a more augmented experience. Dynamic and hassle-free, this interactive feature is walks you through the recipe, outlining and providing context to every step along the way.

Something as simple as a sidebar view of the ingredients, or highlighting the current step can go a long way for the cooking experience.

Phase 3 When Chef gets to a point where it's a trusted source of recipes, the platform will empower its users to utilize its features for better meal planning. Users can access the wealth of recipes on the platform to find a suitable dietary plan, resourefully manage a meal with given limited ingredients, or receive in-app directions or suggestions when innovating a recipe.

Phase 3 will consider machine learning to better assist users.

Phase n I dunno. Cool yet reasonably ethical stuff with people's data...

Phase n + 1 People will be angry regardless. Probably deal with the backlash of Phase n.

Technology Stack

Server The server is built with PostgreSQL and Typescript NestJS exposing RESTful APIs. GraphQL is considered but REST was preferred for jumpstarting the project faster.

Client Built with vanilla React.js, using the Ant Design system.

Getting Started

  1. Clone the repository
$ git clone
  1. Install and start Docker (refer to Docker for Mac)
  2. Run docker-compose up -d on project root directory
  3. Go to localhost:8080 to view Chef.

Docker for Mac

Chef local development runs on Docker. Download, install, and run Docker for Mac. If you have brew for mac, you can run brew cask install docker and then launch docker from spotlight.

Accessing the Database

The postgres database should be live at localhost:5432. Log into the chef database as postgres with postgres as its password.

Note: run ./postgres/ to seed local database with mock data everytime you rebuild docker.

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