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Bukkit plugin for pre-1.9 combat mechanics & more
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Old Combat Mechanics

by gvlfm78 and Rayzr522

A Bukkit/Spigot plugin to revert combat mechanics to pre-1.9. Also supports reverting other features.

If you are interested in contributing, please check this page first.


  • Master & per-world toggle for each module
  • All modules are fully customisable
  • Remove weapon cooldown
  • Setting tool damage as in pre-1.9
  • Make players regenerate like in pre-1.9 & with correct exhaustion
  • Give players a shield while they right click with a sword
  • Have armour be as strong as in pre-1.9
  • Disable sword sweep attack
  • Option to disable shield crafting
  • Disable off-hand (with white/blacklist)
  • Make shields block 1/2 a heart instead of reduce damage to 33%
  • Have arrows not be stopped by shields
  • Re-add snowball, egg & enderpearl knockback
  • Disable player collisions
  • Enchanted golden apple crafting
  • Customisable enchanted & golden apple potion effects
  • Fishing rods knockback and damage like in pre-1.9 (customisable)
  • Automatically add blaze powder to brewing stands
  • Automatically add lapis in enchanting tables
  • Stop usage of elytra
  • Disable random projectile trajectories
  • Disable bow boosting


To install OldCombatMechanics, please download the latest version from the releases page (or from Bukkit or Spigot). Simply drop the JAR file in your plugins folder and restart your server.

Development versions are available on the OldCombatMechanics Jenkins server.

Spigot Bukkit Jenkins


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