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A base object and scaffolding generator for event driven JavaScript components.
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A base for event driven JavaScript components.

Author: Gvn Lazar Suntop

Yeoman Generator

To easily create new Komponents, install the generator:

npm install -g generator-komponent


Komponent is available via the Bower package manager:

bower install komponent -S

The -S flag will indicate Komponent as a dependency in your bower.json

Typical Usage

If you're not using a module loader then include komponent.min.js in your project. Otherwise, include it according to your loader's specification. Komponent supports both AMD and CommonJS via the UMD pattern.

Run yo komponent to interactively create a new component via the command line. Your new component will inherit an event API from Komponent and have a starter scaffolding.

Add calls to the fire method wherever you want subscribable custom events. You can optionally pass event metadata to the callback function with an object literal. = function () {'show', { visibleItems: 3 });

You can now subscribe an external callback function, which will run after the component fires the named event.

var myWidget = new Widget();

myWidget.on('show', function (event) {
    alert('myWidget is showing ' + event.visibleItems + ' items');

Komponent Mixin

Alternatively, you can use Komponent's event methods on existing objects as a mixin.

Komponent has a utility method, mix, for accomplishing this.

var existingObject = {};


Note that you can access Komponent's event module by referencing Komponent.mixin if you want to use your own mixin methodology.

Event API

on ( eventType: string, callback: function )

Bind a callback function to a named event type.

Returns a numerical ID for the handler, which can later be used with off.

off ( eventType: string, id: number - optional )

Unbind callbacks for given event type. All callbacks of given type will be removed if no ID is provided.

once ( eventType: string, callback: function )

Register a callback that will be removed after it fires once.

fire ( eventType: string, eventData: object - optional )

Fires callbacks registered for given event type with optional event metadata.

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