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2011-03-04 George Neville-Neil <>
* Version 0.7
Add several TCP related scripts including:
tcp_streams: display TCP streams as dotted quads with ports
tcp_sieve: split a pcap file into its component TCP streams
tcp_seq: create a graph of the sequence numbers in a TCP stream
tcp_window: graph the changes in the advertised window
Fixes to several packets including vlans and rtp.
New classes for raw sockets and PTP packets
New classes for IGMPv2 and IGMPv3 (Bruce Simpson)
2007-05-30 gnn <>
* Fixed a critical bug in decoding which improperly dealt with
sub byte sized fields.
* Fixed all tests so the pass with the data given
2007-03-22 gnn <>
* Version 0.5
Move my version of Doug Song's Python pcap library into the
Update the Makefile to make sure that we install correctly no
matter what target is selected.
2007-01-19 gnn <>
* Version 0.4
Move to Beta status.
Add Doxygen style documentation.
Added payload packet which can end packet chains.
Standardized the data attribute, and next() method for all packets.
2006-10-04 gnn <>
* Version 0.3
Add automatic bounds checking when setting values in packets.
Add scripts to do DDOS analysis and to slice up dumpfiles.
2006-09-05 gnn <>
* Version 0.2
Add LengthValue fields.
Add a dns_query script which uses the LengthValue fields.
Add a working ping program.
Make IPv4 and ICMPv4 checksums work. ICMPv4 checksums are
calculated using Chains.
Integrate all the latest patches submitted by Clement on the PCS
web site.