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Update from Bruce Simpson on 28 April 2008

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@@ -0,0 +1,17 @@
If you are developing PCS and do not wish to install it, do:
> python config <return>
> python build <return>
After this, the build/ directory should contain a "lib.<platform>"
subdirectory. Add this to your PYTHONPATH and you can test PCS without
performing a full installation.
Note: Make sure that you do not try to import PCS whilst you are in the
top level of this tree, otherwise Python will look for the pcs package
relative to the current directory. There is a pcs/pcap subdirectory. This
will cause the interpreter to match the directory first instead of
An ImportError exception will be raised, but it won't tell you that you're
trying to import a directory. This happens even if PYTHONPATH is set
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