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<#INCLUDE filename="include_header.html">
<#INCLUDE filename="include_menu.html">
<div id="main_menu">
<div class="lib-table" id="electronic-articles">
<#TABLE name="ElectronicDelivery" headerText="Digital Copies" column="View" column="Title" column="Author" column="Expires" column="Delete" noDataAction="ShowMessageRow" noDataMessage="No Electronic Articles Received" >
<p><br />Articles are available for <strong>14 days</strong> from the date of receipt.</p>
<br />
<div class="lib-table" id="outstanding-requests">
<#TABLE name="ViewOutstandingRequests" headerText="Outstanding Requests" noDataAction="ShowMessageRow" noDataMessage="No Requests" column="TransactionNumber:Details" column="DocumentType:Type" column="Title" column="Author" column="TransactionStatus:Status">
<br />
<div class="lib-table" id="checkedout-items">
<#TABLE name="ViewRenewCheckedOutItems" headerText="Checked Out Items" column="TransactionNumber:Renewals" column="Title" column="Author" column="TransactionStatus:Status" column="Due Date" noDataAction="ShowMessageRow" noDataMessage="No Items">
<p><br /><b>Missing something?</b> If you renew an item, it won't show up as checked out until the request is sent to the library we borrowed it from.</p>
<br />
<p><a href="<#ACTION action="10" form="60">" class="lib-button-small-grey">View All Requests</a></p>
<#INCLUDE filename="include_footer.html">
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