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<!-- Where cited input -->
<label for="CitedIn"><span class="<#ERROR name="ERRORCitedIn">">Where did you find this item cited?</span></label>
<p style="margin:0;padding:0">Example: Dissertation Abstracts, Dialog (specify which database), or a specific database, journal, or book.</p>
<textarea id="CitedIn" name="CitedIn" tabindex="40"><#PARAM name="CitedIn"></textarea>
<!-- Who cited input -->
<label for="CitedDate"><span class="<#ERROR name="ERRORCitedDate">">Who told you about this item?</span></label>
<input id="CitedDate" name="CitedDate" tabindex="41" type="text" value="<#PARAM name="CitedDate">" />
<!--label for="CitedVolume">
<span class="field">
<span class="<#ERROR name="ERRORCitedVolume">"><b>Volume number of the work that cited the item.</b></span>
<input id="CitedVolume" name="CitedVolume" type="text" size="40" class="f-name" tabindex="42" value="<#PARAM name="CitedVolume">"><br />
<label for="CitedPages">
<span class="field">
<span class="<#ERROR name="ERRORCitedPages">"><b>Pages where the item is cited.</b></span>
<input id="CitedPages" name="CitedPages" type="text" size="40" class="f-name" tabindex="43" value="<#PARAM name="CitedPages">"><br />