A small platform game, based on the concept and code of SpaceFlight2D
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A 2D platform game which features planets which will be a bit like SpaceFlight2D

The idea came from someone only known to me as “Saarelma”, from this page.

Think about the old space adventure games like Starflight and Star Control 2. They had two-dimensional space. This is good game design, since the 2d space is easier to navigate and visualize and has a larger density of interesting stuff. But then you land on planets, and they’re a whole another two-dimensional surface. There’s always a weird jump from space to planet. Why not stay consistent, and make the planet surfaces one-dimensional? Flying in the atmosphere would then look and feel like Gravitar or Sopwith. Landing and moving on ground would feel like a platformer. You’d need a good rotation support in the graphics engine, as whenever you move close to a gravity source the screen should rotate so that the gravity well is down. You could do all sorts of interesting stuff with big and small planets, asteroids, space stations and the insides of space ships if you were consistent with the idea that you only have 2 dimensions to work with. Though I’m not thinking about something utterly surreal like a flatland universe, I’d go for the platform game route and keep the basic game elements like humans and vehicles pretty much recognizable. You need several zoom levels. You need to be able to zoom from walking on planet surface to flying around in a solar system with individual planets on screen. It’d be impressive if the transition from orbit to surface could be smoothly animated with no visible transition jump.