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Setup Hints

Here are some hints to help you run excercises for the workshop.

What software do you need?

Many of these excercises use Jupyter notebooks with python kernals. Where possible, the excercises are designed to work using python 2 or 3. They should all work with python 2.

The included notebook check_setup.ipynb can be used to see some of the required python packages, and to check if they are installed.

What's python?!

If you have never worked with Python before, we strongly encourage you to practice some before the workshop:

How to work with Jupyter Notebooks

If you've never used a Jupyter Notebook before, you can see a short video here:

How to access the software you will need

Option 1

Use a Docker Container:

This option will allow you to install a complete software enviornment on you laptop. This is a great option and should work well on nearly any operating system. However, it requires around 6 GB of harddrive space.

  • For setup instructions specific to this workshop, see in this directory.
  • For a short introduction to Docker, see in this directory.

Option 2 (No software installation required!)

Run the tutorials remotely using Microsoft Azure:

  • (Requires sign-in with a free Microsoft account)
  • To run these notebooks
    • sign up for a free account
    • click the "clone" button in the above link to make a copy of the notebooks that you are free to edit, run, and are persistant.
    • You should be brought to your fork of the tutorials and you can open them up and run directly in the browser.

Option 3

Run the tutorials remotely using mybinder:

Option 4

Install the software you need: