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This is a very basic static website generator written in Ruby for use when 
even a tool such as nanoc is too complex for your needs.  

I wrote it as I needed a very simple tool that could allow me to create basic
static website of a few pages from a common template.


VeryBasicStaqticWebsiteGenerator is useful for generating websites consisting 
of pages which are based on a common template (such as a common menu bar, 
background and copyright notice) and with a main section containing
each page's unique content.

The tool can be used by following these steps:

1. Code the website template and save it as templates/index.rhtml
Place the following markup including the tags where the unique content should
go:  <%= content %>

2. Write the content for each page and save the files in the content folder.
The filename should be the same as the HTML filename that will be generated.

For example, if the site has two pages: index.html and about.html then the 
unique content that appears in each page (without the template code) should
go in content/index.html and content/about.html

VeryBasicStaqticWebsiteGenerator reads the template in templates/index.rhtml
and puts each of the files in the content directory into the template.

3. Place any files that just need to be copied into the generated site unchanged
(for example, images, css files) in the resources directory.  The directory 
structure under resources is copied as is into the website.

4. In the root of the VeryBasicStaqticWebsiteGenerator directory, type
ruby generate.rb

The output should be similar to the following:

$ ruby generate.rb 
Generated ./output/download.html
Generated ./output/index.html
Copied resource files

5. Examine the ./output directory which will contain the site
An example is included in this package.