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This document version: v3.0
Created 2:18 AM 8/28/2012
Updated 84:00 AM 2/27/2015 


Purpose of the AdamantEngine Project:

To create a game engine that is simple to use and provides
a stepping stone for those learning c++ and game programming.
It will be a multi-genre game engine.

---------------------------VERSIONING INFORMATION------------------------
Version numbers are done in this format.

That meants that has had no major release (still new), it is on minor version 1, it is in Alpha(or not ready for public), and is the third build of it's minor version.  

Breakdown of how we will update the number:
Build Number:
The build number will be updated on three occassions:
If one of the major next version requirements are finished, it will be incremented by one.
If major changes are done in the core of the project and the group deems it major enough, it will be incremented by 1.
If the minor or major version is updated, it will be reset to 0.

The stage is only updated once the entire project matures to a certain point.
0 - Alpha:
This means the project's Major Version is not ready for outside use.  People may use it, but it will not work as intended in many ways.  
1 - Beta:
This means the project's Major Version has matured enough for use, however it will have many bugs and some features may need to be added.
2 - Release Candidate:
This means the project's Major Version has been rid of most bugs and is nearly ready for release.  All that will be left is streamlining documentation and fixing any small bugs that develop.
3 - Final:
This is the final release of the Major Version, meaning that it is ready for full use.  This will be what most people will use and it is expected to have very few bugs if any.
5 - Deprecated:
This is to reflect that a final release of the Major Version will be receiving no more updates.  This will happen when we are two major versions ahead.

The minor version will be updated based on the Version Road Map.  Once all of the features required for that version are completed, the Minor will be incremented.

The major version signifies the maturity of the project at that time.  We will increment the Major Number once the current Development Version has reached Release Candidate.  The new version will be used as the new Development Version.


Below are the versions of the engine.  Each Version will list the version number and then what was added for that version.  The Version Roadmap is different in that it will display the next planned version number and what will be added.  As features are added an asterick(*) will be added before the item to denote it's inclusion in the development versions.


#####Version Roadmap##### 
Module/Component architecture
Sprite Animation.
Basic Mouse Support.
Tile Map Loader.
Tile Map Renderer.
Basic GUI System.
Basic Physics and Collision Detection.
Linux Support.
Mac Support.

Effects System.
Mouse Picking.

Basic TCP/IP Support.

#####Version Log######
Migrated to SDL v2.0

Added Sound.
Added Sprites.
Added Object Manager.
Added SoundFX Manager.
Added Music Manager.

Basic Engine Core Created.