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Monitor the status of the Exchange Servers and email (if possible) if any problems are discovered. Checking:
- Pingable,
- Exchange Services Running,
- Connector Status,
- DataStores Mounted,
- Transaction Log Drives more than 50% free.
On Lines 32-39, Modify the array of servers to use your actual Exchange server Names (Virtual names are best).
On line 172, you need to get the container name for your LDAP environment. Note that this is in the lesser-known Configuration Container. It's most easily accessed by AD Explorer or ADSI Edit.
The Function "fnEmail()" (lines 249-271) will likewise need to be modified for your environment.
I have this running in production every 5 minutes as a scheduled task on a management server, but could be modified to output to a text file, console window, or feed a web-form.
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