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Environment Variables

This is a list of environment variables supported by osgEarth.


OSGEARTH_CACHE_PATH:Sets up a cache at the specified folder (path)
OSGEARTH_CACHE_ONLY:Directs osgEarth to ONLY use the cache and no data sources (set to 1)
OSGEARTH_NO_CACHE:Directs osgEarth to NEVER use the cache (set to 1)
OSGEARTH_CACHE_DRIVER:Sets the name of the plugin to use for caching (default is "filesystem")


OSG_NUM_DATABASE_THREADS:Sets the total number of threads that the OSG DatabasePager will use to load terrain tiles and feature data tiles.
OSG_NUM_HTTP_DATABASE_THREADS:Sets the number of threads in the Pager's thread pool (see above) that should be used for "high-latency" operations. (Usually this means operations that do not read data from the cache, or are expected to take more time than average.)


OSGEARTH_NOTIFY_LEVEL:Similar to OSG_NOTIFY_LEVEL, sets the verbosity for console output. Values are DEBUG, INFO, NOTICE, and WARN. Default is NOTICE. (This is distinct from OSG's notify level.)
OSGEARTH_MP_PROFILE:Dumps verbose profiling and timing data about the terrain engine's tile generator to the console. Set to 1 for detailed per-tile timings; Set to 2 for average tile load time calculations
OSGEARTH_MP_DEBUG:Draws tile bounding boxes and tilekey labels atop the map
OSGEARTH_MERGE_SHADERS:Consolidate all shaders within a single shader program; this is required for GLES (mobile devices) and is therefore useful for testing. (set to 1).
OSGEARTH_DUMP_SHADERS:Prints composed shader programs to the console (set to 1).


OSGEARTH_DEFAULT_FONT:Name of the default font to use for text symbology
OSGEARTH_MIN_STAR_MAGNITUDE:Smallest star magnitude to use in SkyNode


OSGEARTH_HTTP_DEBUG:Prints HTTP debugging messages (set to 1)
OSGEARTH_HTTP_TIMEOUT:Sets an HTTP timeout (seconds)
OSG_CURL_PROXY:Sets a proxy server for HTTP requests (string)
OSG_CURL_PROXYPORT:Sets a proxy port for HTTP proxy server (integer)
OSGEARTH_CURL_PROXYAUTH:Sets proxy authentication information (username:password)
OSGEARTH_SIMULATE_HTTP_RESPONSE_CODE:Simulates HTTP errors (for debugging; set to HTTP response code)


OSGEARTH_USE_PBUFFER_TEST:Directs the osgEarth platform Capabilities analyzer to create a PBUFFER-based graphics context for collecting GL support information. (set to 1)