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osgEarth Priority Support
The osgEarth free open source SDK is a leading platform for mapping and visualization. But let’s be honest, there’s a lot of learning involved in crafting a geospatial-enabled application! Whether you are using osgEarth or other geospatial platforms, we’re here to help.
`Priority Support`_ is the best way to get peace of mind as you develop your own geospatial applications. Here’s what you can expect:
* Private, e-mail based support tickets, tracked in our system
* Quick turnaround times
* Custom code examples
* Code analysis and recommendations
* Testing and evaluation to help you track down problems
* Bug fixes to our open source software
* Recommendations on best practices
* General advice on anything OSG or geospatial!
Go to the `Priority Support`_ page on our web site for pricing and terms.
How can we help you?
*Copyright Pelican Mapping Inc.*
.. _Priority Support: