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Creating SQL Server Documentation using Powershell

These Powershell scripts allow both the beginning and experienced Powershell student and DBA both
to learn Powershell and preserve SQL Server objects that comprise your On-Prem and Azure Servers.

They capture and export all SQL-Server related objects both inside and outside the database. As well as
anything you cant access in SSMS by doing a "Right-click" Script-Out action.

The Scripts are designed to be run separately or together. The default parameters run the scripts against [localhost].
The Powershell script 00_RunAllScripts.ps1 runs most of the individual scripts in a pre-defined sequence to export
most objects. But because the scripts are individual scripts, you are free to run or assemble them to your liking.

The scripts use 3 MS Technologies to export their data:

  1. TSQL
  2. SMO - SQL Server Management Objects
  3. WMI

They assume SysAdmin or equivalent permissions on the SQL Boxes you plan to script-out.

Please read the Wiki above for setup instructions as the scripts have MS dependencies that change frequently

Sample Execution

alt text


Setup Instructions



Open a GitHub Issue above

Project Background

SQLTranscriptase is a termed coined from Molecular Biology meaning the exporting of information from DNA
A need arose to both learn Powershell and document SQL Server that current SQL Tool Vendor's offerings could not meet.

Original Presentation
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