Core package to analyze gravitational-wave data, find signals, and study their parameters. This package was used in the first direct detection of gravitational waves (GW150914), and is used in the ongoing analysis of LIGO/Virgo data.
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Welcome to PyCBC, a python toolkit for analysis of data from gravitational-wave laser interferometer detectors with the goal of detecting and studying signals from compact binary coalescences (CBCs).

The PyCBC home page is located on github at

Documentation is automatically built nightly and available from

For the detailed installation instructions of PyCBC

Quick Installation

pip install lalsuite pycbc

You can start up an interactive jupyter notebook with PyCBC using either of the links below.

Azure Notebooks Start your mybinder session

If you use any code from PyCBC in a scientific publication, then we ask that it is cited in the following way:

These results were generated using the PyCBC software package

For the citation pycbc-software, please use a bibtex entry and DOI for the appropriate release of the PyCBC software (or the latest available release). A bibtex key and DOI for each release is avaliable from Zenodo. A key for the latest release is available at:


Please see our citation guidelines for more details.

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