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Assets 6
  • Added Malseraph's puppets as a playable faction. Malseraph's puppets are demons who worship Malseraph, the Demon God of Acting, Gambling and Violent Changes. They lack the possession ability but make up for it with the powers of their god.
  • By themselves, Malseraph's puppets have the Irradiate and Fission abilities. Irradiate applies a special status to the target, while Fission is used to cause damage to those with this status and clear it from them.
  • Malseraph is the master of cards and likes to be entertained. Malseraph likes disguises, polymorphs, and dangerous situations.
  • When Malseraph is in the good mood, it will draw cards with beneficial effects from its decks and can even grant some of the decks to you. When it is in the bad mood, it will use its more malicious cards against you to spice things up.
  • There are two types of decks that Malseraph can give - decks of war and decks of escape. Each deck consists of a number cards that a character can draw. You can not see what card you draw and what cards remain in the deck. Drawing a card immediately invokes its effect.
  • Added Constriction ability to the Eater of the dead. This ability lets you grab targets and continue to deal damage to them automatically while all participants remain in place.
  • Citizens of the City may now drop civilian costumes, which can be used to make disguises by the thief. The disguise (usable by humans and Malseraph's puppets only) makes you look as an ordinary man or woman to everybody else.
  • Fixed the bug with jumping when you would fall through the ground if you hit an obstacle during the jump.
  • You can now jump over small obstacles like beds, tables, barricades, and bushes.