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  • With the demons invading, strange glyphs start to appear on the walls. The satanists are now able to decipher these demonic runes and use this knowledge to harness even more power.
  • Demon word: Flesh lets a satanist turn a zombie into a full-fledged imp that can later progress and evolve as demons usually do.
  • Demon word: Plague lets a satanist spread virulent soul sickness that will deal damage over time.
  • Demon word: Power lets a satanist temporarily gain the power of an Archdemon.
  • Demon word: Darkness turns off the sun for a period of time.
  • Demon word: Invasion places an enchantment on the map that constantly reanimates corpses.
  • Demon word: Knockback pushes all characters around the satanist away.
  • Satanists now inflict vorpal damage instead of fire damage.
  • Ghosts leave no footprints on snow and generate no sounds while moving.
  • Blessings and divine shield now offer complete protection from ghost's possession.
  • Empowered undead now have normal movement speed and can keep up with the satanists when following them.
  • Fixed the bug with the game freezing after completion of the Increase acid strength mutation.
  • Fixed the bug when you could target characters unseen by you with abilities.